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SMS Online Indonesia Offers One-Way SMS Platform

SMS Online Indonesia makes your business SMS marketing solutions more simpler by allowing you to send one way SMS from your computer (desktop PC, notebook etc) to your client's handphone. These days, those companies which are from various backgrounds such as small startup business, multi-national corporates, public listed companies also using our SMS marketing platform to run their business.

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Why Choose One Way SMS Online Indonesia

SMS Online Indonesia has been started in operation since year 2007, in which it provides premium one-way SMS for corporate's sms marketing. Our one way SMS rates is one of the most competitive rates in the today's market. Bulk SMS Indonesia covers bulk SMS broadcast and SMS to the countries like Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, India and etc.

In addition, SMS Online Indonesia One-Way SMS also covers South East Asia countries such as SMS to Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines and many more. Please check the full list HERE about our attractive SMS rates.

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Lowest SMS Rates

SMS Online Indonesia provides one of the most affordable one-way SMS rates:

  • 1 Credit equals to 1 SMS
  • Covers ALL Malaysia Mobile Phone Operators
  • Comprehensive Delivery Report Ready

One Way SMS covers countries such as:

SMS Credit Plans Price Per SMS (MYR) Total Amount (MYR) Action
500 RM 0.10 RM 50.00 Buy Now
1,000 RM 0.095 RM 95.00 Buy Now
3,000 RM 0.092 RM 276.00 Buy Now
5,000 RM 0.089 RM 445.00 Buy Now
10,000 RM 0.085 RM 850.00 Buy Now
20,000 RM 0.080 RM 1600.00 Buy Now
35,000 RM 0.075 RM 2625.00 Buy Now
50,000 RM 0.070 RM 3500.00 Buy Now
50,000 + Contact us for our special quote!