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Steps to Setup Bulk SMS Indonesia One Time Password (OTP) SMS Verification

In order to secure your online transaction, many banks and some retailers have adapted the use of OTP (One Time Password) via Bulk SMS. By generating new passwords at every transactions that occurs, you will be able to verify that the buyer or user is genuine. Your developers can easily integrate Bulk SMS Indonesia services into your website or applications and no cost is involved.

To setup Bulk SMS Indonesia One Time Password at your webpage (using IFRAME):

  1. Register at Bulk SMS Indonesia HERE to obtain your username and password.
  2. Login at Bulk SMS Indonesia HERE
  3. At the main navigation menu, go to "SMS EXTRA" > "SMS Verification"
  4. Continue by inserting the information (refer to table below) to your Bulk SMS Indonesia settings.
  5. Click "Submit" to save.
  6. Copy the "SMS Verification with iFrame" into the your HTML or PHP file.
  7. Finish!

Label Description Example
Allow Domain Website address of the websites that wants to use OTP
Success Return URL Successfull verification in the website will redirect you to the page you specified
Fail Return URL In case verification fails, you will re-directed to this webpage (same page as success return is allowed)
Message Template

Text message layout which contains the PIN number

Note : The %pin% must be in the message content. The system will auto replace %pin% with random 6 digits one time password generated by the sms gateway system and send the SMS to user.

Thank you for purchasing our products. Your pin is %pin%

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