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How to Check SMS Balance With PHP Code

With an aim to expand our Bulk SMS API base in multiple platforms, we are enabling you to check your SMS balance via PHP coding. This means you can also implement the scripts in your PHP website or any web based applications.

To understand more about our Bulk SMS Indonesia API Key features, please visit our Developer API page.

All available features and configurations will be displayed at the Bulk SMS Indonesia Developer API page. Integrate our Check SMS Balance feature into your PHP application and enjoy our SMS services.

Please click below to find out about our send SMS API in other programming languages.

The HTTP respond will initiate a connection with the bulk sms Indonesia system to your website. With PHP integration done, you can keep track on your bulk sms balance status anytime easily.

Below is a check SMS balance sample code for your reference. Make sure that before starting, you need to register for a Bulk SMS Indonesia account.

Click HERE to start register.

Please ensure you have the following Bulk SMS Indonesia account information at hand:

  1. username
  2. password

To get started, you may have to reload some credits into your bulk sms account before you can send out messages. You can purchase the credits HERE. After making your payment, an email with the reload pin will be sent to you.

Note: Please check your email inbox or spam box.

You may login to your Bulk SMS Indonesia account to reload your credits using the pin. Please click HERE to learn how to reload the credit.

You will need to create 2 files. Copy the HTML script below to your browser

How to check sms balance using PHP
<form action="Check Balance.php" method="POST">
<p>username isms:<input type="text" name="name"/>
<p>password isms:<input type="password" name="password"/>
<p><input type="submit" value="submit"/>

The second file you would create is a PHP file. Copy the PHP scripts into the PHP file and save it.


header( "Location:$name&pwd=$pass");

Run the HTML file and fill in your username and password. Done! You can now check your sms balance in your Bulk SMS Indonesia account.

How to check sms balance using PHP

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