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SMS Marketing Wordpress Plugin

Bulk SMS Indonesia has created iSMS Plugin mainly for Wordpress websites. You are able to choose to download the iSMS Plugin for Wordpress from the button on the right or search for our iSMS Plugin from your Wordpress Dashboard.

Contact us if you seek further assistance.

Download Bulk SMS Plugin for Wordpress

Install iSMS Plugin in Wordpress

1. Go to your Dashboard > Plugin > Add New to install iSMS Plugin into your Wordpress website.

2. Type in "iSMS" into the search bar.

3. You will see iSMS Plugin. Select "Install Now"

4. Click on "Activate Plugin" in the following page.

5. Click the "Setting" link under iSMS section once you have activated our iSMS Plugin.

Set up iSMS Plugin in Wordpress

6. Enter in your username, password, message type and admin phone number in "iSMS Account".

7. You will see your available credit balance.

8. Under "Publish Post Alert" tab, set your parameters and sms limit.

9. Edit "New User Alert" setting.

10. Edit "New Comment Alert" setting.

11. Edit "Login Alert" setting.

Send SMS Message with iSMS Plugin in Wordpress

12. You can start sending messages to your target audiences by going to Plugin > iSMS > Send Message.

13. The above shows an example of a successfully delivered message to your receiver's mobile phone.

Download Bulk SMS Plugin for Wordpress

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