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  1. First, purchase iSMS credit from HERE.
  2. After you have logged in here, you can choose to send your messages via WhatsApp route or normal SMS route at "Edit Profile".
  3. Next, go to Compose SMS, insert your phone numbers, compose the message and click "Send".
  4. You can also send image files if you select WhatsApp route.

Bulk SMS Indonesia is currently branching out to WhatsApp - One of the world's most used social medias. You can use your purchased iSMS credits to send your marketing materials to your target audiences through WhatsApp!

Our iSMS WhatsApp inter-convertible service provides the features and benefits as mentioned below. Please Contact us if you would like more information about this new service!

Description SMS WhatsApp
Messages Length 159 characters per message 3000 characters per message
Send Image No Able to attach image
Reach Worldwide Users Yes Yes
Delivery Note best effort Yes
Send multiple messages via CSV file Yes Yes
Client Any phones Only WhatsApp users
Receive Reply Yes, to email Yes, to email
History Record Yes Yes
Credit Same credit per message Same credit per message

Other Contact Methods

For further enquiries, please contact us via the information below:

E-mail |
Note to registered users: Please include your Username in the email.

Phone Numbers:
  • 1800 87 7061 (Malaysia Toll-Free)
  • +604-642 0621 (Penang, Malaysia)
  • +603-2780 3880 (Line 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • +603-7980 1388 (Line 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • +6016 450 2380
  • +604 611 5620 (Penang, Malaysia)
  • +603-7980 2388 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Bulk SMS and WhatsApp Inter-Convertible Service

Features (Purchase with Common WhatsApp Functions) and Advantages

Multiple Messages

Save your time and effort while sending multiple messages to your customers.

Set Your ID

Create an ID or nickname while delivering your messages. Your phone number will be visible.

Send Images

Convert and send your vouchers, flyers, newsletters & promotions as images.

Message Statuses

Message delivery notes and statuses report after you have delivered your message.

Unlimited Characters

Send your messages to your clients with no limitation on messages length.

Same iSMS Credits

You can use your purchased iSMS credits for WhatsApp messaging service as well!

Reply to Email

Responses from your customers can be read through your registered Email.

Auto-save Contents

Marketing contents sent will be saved in your clients phone and iSMS database.

How WhatsApp Marketing Service Works with Bulk SMS Indonesia

Go to "Edit Profile" in your iSMS account, you can set a nickname in the "Mobile/Sender ID" field.

Go to "Compose SMS", then click on "WhatsApp" Tab. Here, you must first choose an available gateway number.

Before you are able to send WhatsApp messages to your receivers, they must first save the chosen gateway number into thier phones.

Then, get your receiver to send any message to that chosen gateway number using their whatsapp application. For example, 'Please send "Hello" to the number +60194058405." Any message will work..

Now you are able to go to "Compose Message" tab to compose your WhatsApp messaging as usual.

Check your Nickname and email are correct. Next, enter the necessary fields as above (these will be delivered to client's WhatsApp).

Once you have clicked on "Send Now" button, this will trigger a confirmation notification, click "OK".

You will then notice a "Total '%%' SMS has been sent. Check the delivery status here. Click on "status" to proceed.

You will be navigated to the page shown above. This is where you can track your WhatsApp SMS details (SMS Sent "credits", sent by, date)

Your clients will receive the WhatsApp message as above (Note: Nickname will only be displayed based on the type of SmartPhones).

The above shows an example of WhatsApp Marketing message containing an image.

If we sense that the user have added our gateway number to his/her contact, we can then send them messages via WhatsApp. your cost will automatically be reduced.

NOTE: *Wait for at least 5 minutes for the Gateway Number to register client's number before sending them WhatsApp messages, else it will be reverted to a common SMS.

Global SMS Rates

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Indonesia Bulk SMS Rate Indonesia Frm 1.5 SMS Credit
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