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CRM System with iSMS Services

CRM Software Price: RM800

Finding a way to organize and keep track of all your clients, customers and employees details? We are offering a 2-in-1 package for your company, making things easier while increasing your efficiency. You can record all customers details and use it to contact them directly in future from the CRM System via iSMS Indonesia services such as SMS and Email.

FREE 30 Days Trial when you purchase our CRM Software! If you are a New iSMS customer, you are entitled to receive 10 FREE Demo Credits to send SMS and Email messages to your clients!

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What can you carry out in CRM System with iSMS Indonesia features?

Industries that can benefit from using CRM System with iSMS Features

CRM System with iSMS Indonesia features is suitable for a wide range of industries as it helps to make data recording quick and easy, hence making work performances more efficient, increases customer relationship management while contributing in the industries' advancement.

How do you use CRM Software with iSMS Features?

Step 1:
To fully utilize all features provided by the CRM System, you must register to the THREE websites below. It will only take a moment.

POS Market: Register a POS System account for Point-of-sale Client in order to download and install the CRM System.

iSMS: Register an iSMS account in order to send your clients iSMS and Email messages.

AlienVoIP: Register VoIP account to contact your customers via the Call feature in CRM System.

Step 2:
Start the POS Client application after installation. Click the "Setting" button. Key in your POS Client Username and Password to continue.

Step 3:
Go to "SMS" tab and key in your iSMS details. Click "Save" on the top left corner.

Close window to go back to POS Client login interface.

Step 4:
Insert your POS Client username and password then select CRM option.
Click the Login button.

How do you use CRM Software Features?

Setting Membership Category

Go to Setup > Membership Category. Name the Member category and insert the amount of discount/ percentage in the required fields.

Saving Contact Details

Go to Contacts > New. Insert details and click "Save as New Contact". Set Membership Category under "Membership" tab.

Setting Contact Group

Go to Contacts > Group and click on "Group" tab > "New Group" button. Insert the name of the contact group.

Sending SMS and Email

Go to iSMS/Email > Email. Compose your message to be delivered as SMS or Email. Add Attachments if needed.

VoIP Call Feature

Select a contact/ group. Click on the "Call" and "Reg" buttons in order to call your clients via VoIP while including remarks. View More »

Service History Report

Go to Report > Individual Service History by contact to view past services provided to a specific client.

Individual Contact Report

Select a contact from "Contacts List" and go to Report > Individual Contact to view the person's individual details.

Item Recurrence

Select "Point of Sales Client" > Inventory > Inventory List. Select an item > Edit Item. Set Recurrence details.

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