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Bulk SMS Indonesia provides you the availability to connect to our SMS gateway without any charges of setup. With SMS gateway, you will be able to automate bulk text messaging and also integrate Bulk SMS service into any websites or application through iSMS API.

Our Bulk SMS API (Application Programming Interface) has been designed by a team of our engineers to provide a straightforward and effective way of integration between websites/software and messaging platform. It has been perfectly made for both small & large corporate information systems.

If you want to send mass SMS through Bulk SMS API, you will need to create a HTTP / HTTPS request (POST/GET method) to the URL listed below:-

Send SMS API via HTTPS (Mirror):

Send SMS by Group ID via HTTPS:
Send SMS by Recipient Name via HTTPS:

Send SMS by Phone Number to Single Recipient via HTTPS:

Multiple Recipient (Separate each recipient with semi-colon ";" ) maximum 300 number per push

Send SMS by Phone Number to Multiple Recipient via HTTPS:;601254888999;6044478955&msg=Hello%20World&type=1&sendid=12345

Contact List

Get Contact List Group via HTTPS:
Get Contact List Based on the Group ID via HTTPS:

Get All Contact List from Phone Book via HTTPS:

Contact Group

Create New Contact Group via HTTPS:
Update Group Name via HTTPS:

Delete Group Name via HTTPS:

iSMS API Features

Parameter Details Example
*un Client username for iSMS system Login. isms
*pwd Client password for iSMS system Login. isms123
dstno Mobile number that you wish to send a message
(Append 00 for international numbers)
*msg The message body (MAX limit : 900 char) Hi, John. How r u?
type Type of SMS
1 - ASCII-Default Value (English, Bahasa Melayu, etc)
2 - Unicode data (Chinese, Japanese, etc)
agreedterm Accept the iSMS Term and Condition below:
Our API will filter your sms if you do not agree with the agreement.
Sender ID to be displayed on recipient's mobile phone.
(Please notice that Malaysia Prefix does not support Sender ID)
max. Length 11 characters
* MUST URL Encoded  HTTP Response Result

Server Response

Return Values :- Upon message submission, iSMS's server platform will provide the user with a corresponding response value for each message.

Error Code Error Description Details
-1000 UNKNOWN ERROR Unknown error. Please contact the administrator.
-1001 AUTHENTICATION FAILED Your username or password are incorrect.
-1002 ACCOUNT SUSPENDED / EXPIRED Your account has been expired or suspended.
Please contact the administrator.
-1003 IP NOT ALLOWED Your IP is not allowed to send SMS.
Please contact the administrator.
-1004 INSUFFICIENT CREDITS You have run our of credits.
Please reload your credits.
-1005 INVALID SMS TYPE Your SMS type is not supported.
-1006 INVALID BODY LENGTH (1-900) Your SMS body has exceed the length.
Max limit = 900
-1007 INVALID HEX BODY Your Hex body format is wrong.
-1008 MISSING PARAMETER One or more required parameters are missing.

Check SMS Balance API

In order to check SMS balance API :-

Parameter Details Example
*un Username of iSMS account isms
*pwd Password of iSMS account isms123

API for Checking SMS Balance

Check SMS Balance via HTTPS:

API for SMS Task Scheduler

click HERE for more detail

URL Encoding Reference

ASCII Character Description URL-encoding Remark
NUL null character %00  
CR carriage return %0D For Break Line used