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About iSMS Indonesia Solution

Through the extensive Mobile Network Operator (MNO), iSMS Indonesia provides global SMS MT which covering more than 700 mobile Operators
for Peer to Peer SMS, Streaming Content Services (such as factory alerts, news alerts and inventory updates ), and Bulk SMS Marketing based on
high quality and reliable connectivity.

iSMS Product is reliable, robust, well-tested and flexible. It is able to meet both of your technical and commercial requirements based on global
or specific regions for A2P or P2P messaging.

Group SMS

iSMS Indonesia Benefits

iSMS Indonesia offers solutions for you to send and receive SMS by using the Internet via:

  • iSMS Indonesia website. No installation required.
  • Mobile Device (iPad, Tablets, Smartphones)
  • iSMS API

iSMS Indonesia application programming interfaces (API) is the best option of bulk
SMS Marketing provider for developers and businesses as it integrates SMS functions
into your systems. You can do bulk SMS Marketing anytime by using your
company's internal software.

iSMS Indonesia Credits

  • Covers ALL Mobile Operators in Indonesia.
  • SMS credits valid for one (1) year.
    (Please contact us at +6011 3671 0208 or send us email at for extending the validity period).
  • Instant messages delivery & availability of delivery status report.
  • NO setup fees or any hidden fees.
  • Online SMS tool, software for bulk sms and HTTP API are provided.
  • SIGN UP now to get a FREE account.

iSMS Indonesia Standard Features

  • Long SMS Support (can go up to 765 chars)
  • Unlimited sub-client account
  • Re-send Function
  • Personalised SMS
  • Birthday Reminder
  • Personal or Group Address Book
  • Easy to Use
  • Unicode Support
  • Real Time Report
  • Environmental Friendly
  • User Defined SMS Template
  • Delivery Report Available

If you have a company in Malaysia and Philippines, do check out the following respective websites for local rates: