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crm contact list manager software

Focus on Support Team and Sales Persons

Use Contact Manager Software to Close Deal, Maintain Customer Records
for Maintenance, Services and Support

Contact Management Software includes advanced features that enable users to manage profitable customers, leads and opportunities efficiently. The dedicated modules in Contact List Manager CRM software is able to help your organization track customer source , manage sales lifecycle, annual membership, monthly billing and other related business activities.


Download iCRM Xpress SMS Server

For your convenience, you can now utilize our Client Relationship Management system with your mobile phone! Download Xpress SMS Server Android App on your device for FREE!

Current Version: 2.0
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Size: 2.2 MB

xpress sms server apk

iCRM Features

As a business grows, more and more there is a need for better management of each segment. The iCRM system is an integral part to running your businesses efficiently and without having to worry about follow ups with customers, losings sales or just dropping the ball generally.

Events Management

  • Manage appointment
  • Create multiple events
  • Enter events attendance and event person in charge
  • Send event invitation to customers with QR Code attendance

Bulk SMS Marketing

  • Integrated SMS service
  • Alternate SIM card SMS gateway support via Xpress Waiter App
  • Send and get reply of your contact list

Bulk SIM Card SMS Marketing

Send SMS in bulk with your own sim card easily. Entirely in control of your SMS marketing campaigns. All you have to do is sync the phone with iCRM Contact Management and let the software do all the hard work of notifying your store customers, club members, event participants and etc.

Manage Your Customers

  • Save your contacts at one place
  • Group your contacts
  • Share your contacts with colleagues by assigning
  • Manage monthly payments

Membership Management

  • Manage membership expiry and renew
  • Manage membership category
  • Manage member upline

Service Records

  • Record every details and interactions with customers
  • Searchable service records
  • Group it into cases

Contact Group

  • Group your customers into multiple group with or without payment
  • Manage payment period monthly, yearly etc.
  • Manage multiple fees

Download CRM Software Installer

CRM Software makes it easy for you to manage your sales and information whenever you sell your products. Download the 30 Day Trial CRM Software NOW!

    Latest iCRM Software
  • 300128_AL - 192MB
  • 300128_CS - 188MB